LIGHTer Academy

In order to continually renew and improve our competitiveness, Sweden must conduct world-leading research in a few selected areas.

LIGHTer Academy is the basic research part of LIGHTer. It consists of researchers from academia, research institutes and industry. They form an interdisciplinary team of researchers, which facilitates long-term coordinated research efforts across scientific disciplines. This provides the base for Swedish lightweight innovations bringing fundamental knowledge and methodologies forward for implementation and demonstration by industry via subsequent development efforts in LIGHTer’s Industry-driven research projects and Test and demonstration facilities as well as in other contexts.

To achieve world-class lightweight solutions, interdisciplinary cooperation with internationally leading research groups is of upmost importance. Therefore LIGHTer Academy facilitates our researchers to work periodically in prominent groups abroad as well as welcomes senior researchers from abroad to Sweden. The goal is to continuously build and maintain a sustainable national network of scientists in lightweight technology of the highest international class. In parallel, we want to strengthen the recruitment of young researchers through graduate schools.

The research cluster consists of eleven researchers from academia (Chalmers, KTH, LTU and Malmö U) and partners from Swerea as well as RISE. It also includes researchers from nine Swedish companies. The funded academic researcher are:

  • Leif Asp, Material and computational mechanics, Chalmers
  • Lars Nyborg, Industrial and Materials Science, Chalmers
  • Dan Zenkert, Lightweight Structures, Royal Institute of Technology
  • Janis Varna, Polymeric Composite Materials, Luleå University of Technology
  • Martin Fagerström, Material and computational mechanics, Chalmers
  • Martin Fisk, Technology and Society, Malmö University
  • Eduard Hryha, Materials and Manufacture, Chalmers
  • Lars-Erik Lindgren, Mechanics of Solid Materials, Luleå University of Technology
  • Fang Liu, Materials and Manufacture, Chalmers
  • Andrejs Pupurs, Polymeric Composite Materials, Luleå University of Technology
  • Malin Åkermo, Lightweight Structures, Royal Institute of Technology 

Contact: Lars-Erik Lindgren, Luleå Tekniska Universitet