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LIGHTer PhD network offer a unique supply of graduate student courses at Swedish universities within the lightweight area.

LIGHTer PhD network comprise courses at three different levels. Level 1 is a fundamental course in lightweight materials and design specially developed for the graduate students within the network. See more information below. The second level gather graduate courses at Swedish Universities with specific relevance for lightweight. The specific courses are presented and perfomred in a format suitable for graduate students located off campus. The third level comprise general courses given at different Swedish Universities now offered to the graduate students in LIGHTer PhD network.

1 - Fundamental course in lightweight technologies
2 - Specific courses for LIGHTer PhD network
3 - General courses offered to LIGHTer PhD network

General course in lightweight technology
LIGHTer - Lightweight materials and design, 6 hp
The course is given during autumn 2017 and spring 2018. 

The course is an essential introductory course which provides with a general insight to and understanding of the need for lightweight technologies together with the meaning of implementation of such. The course concerns the need for lightweight technology within different line of business such as the automotive, aerospace, offshore and component industry. The course exemplify lightweight solutions in industrial applications and provides with an introduction to lightweight materials, design and manufacturing methods.

The course is mandatory for all PhD students within the LIGHTer PhD network arena and is developed in collaboration between Luleå University of Technology, Chalmers University, the Royal Institute of Technology and Swedish industry. It will be provided early in the student research training in order motivate and introduce the LIGHTer PhD network and initiate the integration of the entire LIGHTer network.

Course evaluations show that, in general, the course concept has been very much appreciated by the participants.
Quotes from the graduate students:

  • The broad variety of different topics and industries were very interesting.
  • It was great to see real things!
  • The best thing is the opportunity to increase the networking.
  • The format of the course enabled making of new research contacts.

This course will be given to 20 graduate students each year within LIGHTer PhD network.

 Courses and seminars

 Course descriptions

1 - Fundamental course in lightweight technologies
LIGHTer - Lightweight materials and design, 6hp

2 - Specific courses for LIGHTer PhD network
Structual Optimization, 7,5 hp

Damage and fracture in composites, 7,5 hp

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